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Carline Lundi

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Caraline et timounBuilding on Success


Carline Lundi, with the support of Fonkoze’s Business Development program, has tirelessly worked her way to a better life.

When Carline started as a Fonkoze client, she already had an impressive business selling alimentary products and household items in Mibalè. But once she took her first Fonkoze loan of $11,500, there was no stopping her.

Over the course of the next six years, Carline’s hard work and sound business practices enabled her to expand her business, now taking loans of over $25,000. She has used her loans to expand the size of her inventory, build a larger store, and invest in a delivery truck to transport her goods. Her expansion has also enabled Carline to hire three employees, a significant contribution in a job-starved economy.

Since 2008, Carline has purchased private land, added a solid roof to her home, and built an additional house on her property. Carline’s profits have also enabled her to finance her three daughters’ education, including sending her oldest daughter to high school in Miami.

Not content to only better her family’s well-being, Carline is also a leader in her community, sponsoring local activities including providing employment for those with disabilities, and feeding neighborhood youth who play soccer near her store.

“I’ve been able to do many things thanks to Fonkoze,” Carline says. “I advise all women to follow my path in joining Fonkoze.”

Carline’s path provides an inspiring example of what a dedicated entrepreneur can accomplish, for her family, her community, and her country.


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