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Sainte Rose Dorescat

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20170210_093155Sainte Rose Dorescat moved in with her eldest daughter in October 2016. That was when Hurricane Matthew destroyed her house and all the crops in the small plot of land where she farms.

At 60 years old, Sainte Rose has spent her whole life living near the city of Okay in the region that was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. She and her husband struggled to put their four children through school, and she is proud that they all completed high school, are working, and are married. Most importantly, they are self-sufficient. Now, she is relying on them.

And she is also relying on Fonkoze. Sainte Rose has been a Fonkoze client for over seven years, and gradually, she has been able to take out larger and larger loans.

After the Hurricane hit, Fonkoze quickly conducted an assessment of the situation of clients who were affected by the storm. Over 14,000 borrowers like Sainte Rose were in its direct path. Based on the results of the evaluation, SFF began rescheduling loans and offering new ones.

Sainte-Rose took out a loan of about $500 and used part of it to purchase a new table on which to display the food products she sells. She used to spread the products on a blanket on the ground, but now, she thinks that her display at the market looks much more professional. Fortunately, Sainte Rose had been able to salvage a lot of the dry goods, thanks to guidance she received in one of Fonkoze’s classes on disaster preparedness.

Her small business is helping her to save money so that she and her husband can rebuild their small home.

She says, “Fonkoze did great things for us after Matthew. Fonkoze allowed us time to recuperate and pay off the credit that we had in hand… I don’t know any other bank that would give you a loan during these difficult moments; I hope that Fonkoze will always be able to help the most vulnerable.”

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