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25th Anniversary Gala

Fonkoze and Friends Celebrated and Made a Difference!

Fonkoze’s 25th Anniversary Celebration on September 21, 2019, will be a night to remember as approximately 300 of Fonkoze’s supporters gathered in Miami, Florida, to celebrate the progress we have collectively made throughout Haiti for the past 25 years.

Hosted by Emmy Award-Winning Newscaster Calvin Hughes, the event raised over $450,000 to support Fonkoze’s empowering programs that are being implemented throughout Haiti.

Fonkoze honored the following for their philanthropic-driven work and support of Fonkoze’s mission: Emmy Award-Winning Newscaster Lilia Luciano, Fonkoze Ambassador Matt Balitsaris, CEO of The Brewer Group Jack Brewer, Chairman and CEO of Santé Nou Haiti JP Michel; Celebrity Chef and Humanitarian Chef José Andrés.

We thank our generous donors and sponsors for making this event a success! To support Fonkoze’s empowering work today, donate here.

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