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Sofia Vergara, Renata Black, Fonkoze Empowering Women Together

‘Modern Family’ Actress/Model Sofia Vergara and Philanthropist/Founder of The Seven Bar Foundation Renata Black joined forces in 2016 to “use the power of lingerie and fashion to empower women” in developing countries like Haiti.

Joint founders of the women’s underwear brand EBY (Empowered by You), Sofia and Renata are donating 10% of net sales to Fonkoze from April to July of 2018, through The Seven Bar Foundation.

For the duo, empowerment and creating innovative solutions to poverty alleviation is key. “It’s creating a basic product that everyone needs, like underwear, and using its sales to drive consistent funding to microfinance for women,” says Renata.

To help spread the good news, EBY (via The Seven Bar Foundation) has partnered with Fonkoze to create a video highlighting one of Fonkoze’s clients, Odette Midi, who has been empowered by Fonkoze to start and run a small business. Today, Odette and her family are no longer living in extreme poverty.

Watch the impactful video of Odette’s story here!

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