Our Team

Fonkoze employs over 800 individuals – nearly all Haitian – who believe in creating a better future for their country. From the Call Center Representative to the CEO, all positions play a vital role in achieving our mission.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our dedicated senior staff members for each of the three organizations that make up the Fonkoze Family.
  • Dominique BoyerChief Executive Officer
  • Marie Lissa Petit-De, Chief Financial Officer
  • Marie Claire Dorcely, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Rafael D Ennery Dejoie, Chief Information Officer
  • Felix Tertulien, Jr, Chief Operating Officer
  • Alexandre Hector, Director of Branch Network
  • Me Pelex Flereme, Legal/Compliance Director
  • Domerson Millien, Sr Human Resources Manager
  • Carine Roenen, Executive Director
  • Varda Bury, Finance Manager
  • Carlyle Charles, Director of Administration
  • Rachel Pierre-Champagne, Education Program Director
  • Hébert Artus, Chemen Lavi Miyò Program Director
  • Wesly Elize, Human Programs Director
  • Ed Philippe Jean, Monitoring, Evaluation and Member Relations Director
  • Erlantz Hyppolite, Executive Director
  • Navneet Rangra, Controller
  • Kevin Cavanaugh, Director of Resource Development
  • Margaret Noel, Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Samantha Gonzalez, Grants and Foundation Relations Manager
  • Tara Jackson, Database Analyst

What We Do

We provide financial and development services to empower Haitians - primarily women - to lift their families out of poverty.
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Why Fonkoze?

For 28 years, our comprehensive approaches to allieviating poverty in Haiti have been proven effective year after year. Our programs and services are designed to meet individuals wherever they are on their journey out of poverty.
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Your Impact

Your support by way of donations, spreading the word and more, allows us to continue providing Haiti's most vulnerable the opportunities and support needed to rise out of poverty.
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