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Spotlight shined on Fonkoze at the famous APOLLO theater in New York City

Fonkoze was honored to participate in this year’s WOW – Women of the World Festival at the Apollo theater in New York City on March 17th. Fonkoze USA’s former Executive Director Mabel Valdivia joined other NGO community leaders in a panel discussion centered on the issues women and girls face in their respective fields of work.

“The beauty about Fonkoze is that for 25 years, this organization continues to help women overcome those vulnerabilities by providing access to financial, health and other social services and empowers them with entrepreneurial skills and the ability to create small franchises,” said Mabel.

Women and men of all backgrounds, interests and professions attended the reception to learn more about Fonkoze’s empowering work.
“I am inspired,” said a guest, after watching a video about one of Fonkoze’s clients Odette Midi.

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