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Fonkoze’s Voices of Hope Solidarity Gathering in Martha’s Vineyard

Our Voices of Hope gathering on August 18, 2018 will be a memorable one! Hosted by MV WINS, shances, and author, activist, professor Ilyasah Shabazz, women and men from all backgrounds engaged in meaningful dialogue – discussing ways that each of us can effectively help to uplift and bring hope to those living in extreme poverty.

You, too, can become a Voice of Hope for the thousands of rural Haitians Fonkoze is empowering to lift their families out of poverty.

Here are the most effective ways to make an impact as a Voice of Hope:

  • Donate to support Fonkoze’s work.
  • Share Fonkoze’s (@fonkoze) social media posts and email updates with your friends.
  • Advocate & fundraise for Fonkoze (create an online peer-to-peer fundraiser and/or a Facebook Fundraiser)

To meet some of the people who have already changed their lives through our empowering programs, click here.

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